2015 BETHEL Tour Dates

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   June 13-18 
   July 11-16 
+ August 14-23 
* September 12-20
* October 3-8
   October 17-22


Tour #1 - For the past 40 years we have arranged tours to the World Headquarters for thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses. All specially designed tours include a visit to Brooklyn Bethel, the new Educational Center at Patterson Bethel plus Watchtower Farm and more. See More Info... 

Tour #2 - New York & Canadian Bethel Tour plus Niagara Falls
This tour to Bethel includes visiting Brooklyn, Patterson and Wallkill plus two nights at Niagara Falls. You will also visit the beautiful Canadian Branch Office and then stay two nights in Toronto, Canada, before flying back to your hometown. See More Info...

+ The August 14-23 Tour date includes the New York and Canadian Branch Office plus Niagara Falls.

* The September 12-20 tour date includes three additional days in Washington D.C. On the morning of September 17, our private motorcoach will travel through the states of Delaware and Maryland to the Nationís Capital. Upon arrival, there will be a sightseeing tour and on the following day you will visit the Holocaust Museum.


All tours require a deposit of $250.00 per person