Israel Only Tour

Tour #6

SEPTEMBER 5 - 15, 2012

All Tours Require a Deposit of $250.00 Per Person


This is the ISRAEL ONLY TOUR for 11 days. Learn about the activity of early Christians as you journey back in time with your Bible in hand. Visit Jerusalem and sail on the Sea of Galilee. See events in the “Greatest Man that Ever Lived” book come alive. (Insight, Vol. 1, p. 536 and Vol. 2, p. 947) Breakfast and dinner are included daily. Everyone will be given a headset to hear all the commentary by your tour guide, Brother Emmanuel Zervides, from England.

Sept. 5 Fly to New York to board our overnight flight to Tel Aviv, Israel.

Sept. 6 Arrive Tel Aviv, transfer to the hotel in Bethlehem for dinner.

Sept. 7 Learn how the Bedouins live as we journey to Masada. A cable car ride to the top of the fortress gives us a view of the amazing Dead Sea. (Awake 1/08, p. 25) The highlight will be taking a swim and a mud bath in the Dead Sea where you are guaranteed to float even if you cannot swim, as this is the saltiest water in the world. This is the area where Sodom and Gomorrah were located, and where the Dead Sea Scrolls were recently discovered. (Insight, Vol. 2, p. 844) Be sure to bring a swimsuit.

Sept. 8 Today’s tour will make the Bible come alive as you tour Jerusalem. (Insight, Vol. 2, p. 538, 745, 948) You can read about these places, but it’s another to see 3,000 years of history unfold before your eyes! Imagine standing on the Mount of Olives, and in the Garden of Gethsemane. See the Valley of Hinnom or Gehenna in the area where Solomon’s Temple once stood. Next, visit the museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls and the model of Jerusalem.

Sept. 9 Free to shop or explore more of Jerusalem.

Sept. 10 Walk through the old streets of Jerusalem. See the Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall known as the “Wailing Wall” where people write prayers on paper to be placed in between the stones. The highlight will be walking through Hezekiah’s tunnel, another thrilling experience.

Sept. 11 Visit Joppa where Jonah tried to escape his assignment and Peter had a vision instructing him to visit Cornelius in Caesarea. You end the day in Nazareth, your home until the end of this upbuilding and spiritual Biblelands tour.

Sept. 12 Visit Nazareth, Jesus’ home. At Megiddo you will appreciate the value in keeping our “Outer Garments” for survival. (Rev. 16:16)

Sept. 13 Today, you’ll sail on the Sea of Galilee in a wooden boat similar to the fishing boats of Jesus’ time which is an experience you will not forget! (WT, 11/1/93, p. 24) Visit Capernaum, the likely spot of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Tonight, there will be a special “Farewell Dinner.”

Sept. 14 Free day before departing to Tel Aviv for the overnight flight.

Sept. 15 Arrive New York this morning to board your return flight home.